Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Texas I plan to go...

It's a beautiful day outside. Hot, but beautiful. Too hot for me to be out in. Not only is it too hot, but I feel to crummy to be out anyway. I'm tired from overdoing, my back is killing me from my work injury last year that no one to this day has seen fit to fix and my frustration level is high because of all of the above with MS and difficulty hearing being thrown in. Enough to make one not want to get out of bed in the morning.

As I type this I sit here with a hot pack on my back, my STS machine running, drinking ginger and wearing a magnetic bracelet. If that doesn't show a degree of desperation I don't know what does. I'm tired of being tired, tired of being in pain and beyond tired of being an MSer.

I'm planning a return trip to Texas some time next month. If I could go tomorrow I would. Just to get rid of the back pain if nothing else. Right now my life consists of hot pads being microwaved every thirty minutes to keep the pain level as tolerable as I can stand it. Working on the MS issues is secondary at this point. I now have a deep appreciation for those who live with chronic pain year after year.

I think I got the blog issues fixed. Hopefully, comments will again be able to be received.

Hope your all well.

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