Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MS and Dieting

There are lot's of things folks do to manage their weight and their health over all. Some of them are just plain nuts (like swallowing earthworms in the 1800's) not to mention dangerous (prolonged water fasts). Some exercise to extreme, some try alternative diets that are clearly not healthy (neither is extreme exercise). Some of us start the doctor recommended "Cut the calories and exercise" lifestyle change.The key is never to start an exercise program without consulting with your doctor. It's even more vital when you have MS or another health issues to deal with. For me, the number one exercise recommended is swimming. Unfortunately, I don't have a pool or live in a community that one is easily accessible. (I live pretty rural and the nearest "big city" is an hour away)and walking isn't an option right now. So, I have to come up with another alternative. Any suggestions???


Webster said...

I suggest getting a gentle yoga video and working along with that. It will help with your flexibility and with your breathing. And remember, respect where you are - don't push it. You will be surprised how quickly the impossible poses become easy for you.
Good luck.

Chekoala said...

Hi there, just wandering past and couldn't resist mentioning:

Like yoga, qi qong (bit like tai chi) is also helpful and a bit easier (I find) than some of the yoga moves but also very effective and there are dvds available. Stretches the muscles and also helps with balance, concentration and breathing.

Boxing gloves and a punching bag are also very therapeutic and can be done from chair or standing: great venting for when it is one of 'those' daze...
good luck, enjoy