Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MS and what is.

I think I've got the hang of managing my activity level to save energy, so the fatigue is better. I'm also controlling my stress level better. Still, like everyone else,I have stress factors in my life that I can't control, but I've learned that I can't do anything about them. So, I refuse to allow the stress created by other folks' behavior effect me. Even though they may try their darnedest to upset me, or make me give up. I may have MS, but I'm still a fighter. It's just not in my nature to quit, no matter what curves life has thrown me. Life has thrown me some doozies in the last 4 years and actually MS is the one that LEAST effects my life believe it or not. MS is more of a big inconvenience. There are far worse things than MS. Of course, I can keep that mind set because of my faith and the tremendous support group I have. I look at MS as simply another obstacle to overcome. Is it hard at times? You bet. Have I ever wondered why me? Of course. Especially with the other issues I have to deal complicating my life and bringing on added stress. Which we all know is terrible for MS. Nothing like an episode of severe stress to set of an exacerbation. Which is why I've adopted the "What is, IS" mindset. I find my mind set helps keep my stress level lower and really helps me face any challenge. We all have our coping mechanisms and I've found a great one.

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