Thursday, March 05, 2009

More research

Last night we had a really informative presentation at our MS Support Group meeting. Kim from Bakersfield came up and presented a DVD featuring researchers from Yale University, The Neuro Research Center in Calvery Canada, as well as others. The researchers spoke about the latest research they are conducting related to MS. The diversity of the research is amazing. One is focusing on the immune response, another is focusing on the potential use of Schwann cells for the reproduction/replication of myelin sheaths and yet another the correlation of prolatin relating axons. Amazing stuff. It was a crash refresher course for me on molecular and cellular biology! Unfortunately, all of these research projects are years away from actually becoming "main stay" treatment. However, it gives us hope that one day if not a cure, there will be treatment that will potentially be able to reverse the effects of MS. In fact, they want to wipe out the "permanent" in MS damage! Wouldn't that be wonderful! I'm trying to get copies of the latest information emailed to me. If I get it I'll post it all on here!

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