Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A letter to my sister.......

My sister and I exchanged a few text messages yesterday. She will be 40 in June and has started the panic that most of us felt when we turned forty and realized we were middle aged. Wondering, "When did that happen, where did my youth go" and re-evaluating where we are in our lives. The 40's are great, and they ARE. Being middle aged isn't something to fear. It's something to embrace. First of all, your still HERE. Then there is the wisdom about life that you've acquired and don't even realize. I find I have a much lower "malarkey" (dad's word from when we were kids remember? When he would try NOT to cuss in front of us. It was used often when WE tried to pull a fast one. Mom/Dad would say we were full of malarkey),level than I did when I was younger. I suppose that's because when we're young we often don't recognize when someone is trying to pull a fast one until it's to late. Now, I can spot a BSer a mile away and I have zero tolerance for any BS. That came with hard earned experience. I also know when to keep my mouth shut. Even if it means biting my tongue until it bleeds. Wisdom is knowing that you can always say a word, but you can never take it back. Wisdom is also knowing that there are some hurts that "I'm sorry" can't heal. Wisdom is also knowing that the best legacy we leave, is our children and you have done a wonderful job raising your son. The hard way, as a single parent since he was a toddler. Look at him now, almost grown. In just a few short years he'll be done with high school and ready to fly on his own. Wisdom is knowing it's not the house, the car or any material thing that we have that is important. It's family. Wisdom is knowing that sometimes the best comfort you can give is simply sitting quietly and listening. Not only with your ears, but with your heart. You are far wiser than you give yourself credit for. Your ready for the next chapter in you life called "Middle Age" and remember you will always have me around to kick your butt when you screw it up! LOL

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"......I had more than one for a reason"