Friday, February 27, 2009


As I lie here is bed recovering from two not so pleasant procedures in two days (not to mention the freaking drives) it's hard to keep frustration at bay. I hurt and I know there is more yet to come. I wish life would just be NICE for awhile. I'm focusing on counting my blessings. I can never give enough thanks for a husband who is absolutely supportive and behind me 100%. Yesterday we were in Huntington Beach for one procedure and in Murietta today for the second. (The shortest drive was H.B. 170 miles EACH way from the house). He doesn't complain and works hard to take the best care of me as he can when I'm in pain. I have one more painful test coming up (an arthrogram of my pelvis. Today's test was an arthrogram of my knee and yesterday's was a direct injection into my left ileosacral joint in my pelvis). I think more painful than the tests is the pain AFTERWARDS. I was in incredible pain last night. Now my pain level is back to what it was before the injection yesterday, which means I can't sit, lie on my left side or back. However, I don't want to cry with the pain like last night! Now the knee is the big source of pain this evening. As long as I keep my left leg completely immobile it's OK. The slightest movement kills me though. Instead of a knee I have a cantaloupe. Geesh. So this week, the MS is NOT to focus of our lives (for a change). However, I'm very aware that stress could cause an exacerbation, so I'm working on being "Zen". Zen. My family and friends will laugh their collective butts off over that one. So, I'll just lay here, take my pain meds, watch HGTV (I am soooo hooked on that channel) and count my blessings!

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