Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One day at a time

Usually, when I start to blog I don't have a fixed topic in mind. Not unless I've stumbled upon something interesting on the internet or am struggling, more than usual, with the MS. I'm just resurfacing after yet another exacerbation and round of IV steroids. Compared to what I felt like before, during and immediately after the steroids the way I feel right now, MS wise, is nothing to complain about. Besides, complaining won't change anything anyway. MS is something that I've simply had to accept. The fatigue will come and go like waves on the beach, (Hey, that was almost poetic), nothing I do will change that. Optic Neuritis will visit like an unwanted guest and stay as long as it chooses. The only weapon I have against O.N. is steroids. YUCK. Fortunately, I am no longer having the major side effects on the Rebif. I think it may have simply been a battle of body over medication. The body stuck with the medication long enough for the side effects to simply give up and go away. LOL. At least I don't have to dread shot night anymore. That alone is a huge improvement. I'm taking things one day at a time. With the MS and life in general. MS sucks and life isn't fair. Especially when on top of MS life throws you other curves as well. I have to remember , "It is what it is" and try not to fight so hard against thing over which I have no control. THAT'S the real issue. The fact that I have zero control. For a type A person that's almost a fate worse than MS.....almost.

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