Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh happy day.....

NOT. I just finished a round of IV steroids a week ago and am afraid I'm heading towards another. I haven't had such trouble with my hands in months. They just insist on not working. They simply won't do what I tell them to do. I'm back to drinking out of plastic cups, yeehaw. My left leg doesn't want to work and for the first time in months I had terrible spasms in my right foot and thigh. Perfect. Just freaking perfect. If I call the MD it's a free ticket to steroids. If I don't call and everything gets worse, then I get the steroids and yet another lecture. I think I'll try and wait all this out and risk the lecture. Otherwise life is great. We found a great contractor that has started working on upgrading some of the things we wanted done to the house. We now have a beautiful mahogany front door, he ran a drainage system in the back yard, ( the drainage system sucked and our backyard was a muddy lake for DAYS every time it rained or snowed). He's very creative. He ran the drainage system out through the front yard. He then spent several days building a rambling stream of rocks in the front yard so the water will run over them. He even found rocks that match the Mediterranean style of the house. The next project is sprinklers in the back yard and sod. Then building a gazebo and porch in the back yard. By the end of the summer the outside of the house should be exactly what we want. Meanwhile Mark and I will be working on some tile projects both at the house and condo. We took a tile class at Home Depot. I was amazed at how easy tile is to lay. The hardest part is picking the tile! Then, once you take the time to find the center of the room, that's where the first tile goes. From there it's just time consuming. Now I understand why the labor charges are so high with tiling! I just hope I'll be able to help more then, than I would be now. Right now the pain I have in my pelvis prevents me from doing a lot of things I want to. I finally see a pain specialist on Thursday. While the machine has really helped and I am dedicated to continuing with it, I need the help of the pain specialist before I have the arthrogram of my pelvis. They are doing the arthrogram of the knee on Friday. Once step at a time. This is where stress management is vital. I refuse to allow the orthopedic problems cause the MS the flareup. I'm really working on just "going with the flow". I'm using the wheelchair more than I was a month ago, but I've learned this is all cyclical. This months time in the chair may be time spent out of it next month. Positive thinking. Lot's of prayer..and the support of all my family and friends is what keeps me going.

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Webster said...

You might want to rethink not telling your neuro about your symptoms. Mine has always told me that the closer to onset of symptoms that steroids are given, the better the outcome. You might still want to wait it out, but at least discuss it.

Best of luck to you.