Saturday, February 14, 2009

Laughter IS the best medicine

It's been a few days since. I posted, and they have been busy one's. Filled with driving long distances for a doctors appointment (136 miles EACH way) and returning trying to beat the weather. The steroid effects are all gone now. Except of course the water weight which will take months and the increase hair growth in unwanted places that I'm stuck with. . My left knee and pelvis hurt like the blazes (unrelated to the MS) and my stress level is way up (also unrelated to the MS) so I feel I'm walking a balancing act with stress and exacerbation onsets. I'm trying to focus on the positive (my husband, family and friends), those who are really trying to help me (hubby, family, friends, physicians and professional advocates) and those trying to make me laugh (my critters). If I don't focus on the positive I'll be lost. So, yesterday I wheeled myself outside and watched my husband and my crazy dog romp in the falling snow. Petunia or "Toonie" as she is affectionately called is now 4 months old and 40+ pounds of SOLID muscle. She is also a total goofball. She's great company for me and keeps me laughing. Which is probably the best therapy for my MS. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when your laughing so hard your afraid your going to pee your pants. (Although with MSers that can be a reality even without laughter being involved! LOL). I've also started crafting again. I've been making cards for family. While it may not always be easy when my hands are shaky, thus it takes a lot longer, it keeps my mind busy and it's good or my soul. Makes me feel productive and again, gives me something else to concentrate on. I suggest EVERYONE find a hobby they can do. It's good for the heart and good for the mind.

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