Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blasted tile

I came down to the valley with Mark this week. I have MD appointments Thursday and Friday and while he would have made the drive back to the mountain to pick me up, I really wanted to come down and spend the extra time with him. While at times I enjoy my quiet time when he's gone, it gets old. We both need the extra time together and this helped provide it. I may actually make it a regular part of my routine to come down with him. Nothing much to report withe the MS. It's like a plane right now circling the airport and holding onto a steady pattern. I was feeling pretty good yesterday, so of course, I over did. No surprise there to those that know me. We want to re tile the kitchen floor in the condo, so I decided I would do my part in tearing up of the floor while Mark was at the office. I figured since I could sit on my butt and do it, it would be no big deal. WRONG. There are actually two layers of tile. UGH. Part of the pounding was actually therapeutic. Nothing like pounding the hell out of something to relieve stress! :0) Three hours of pounding and I managed to remove 9 tiles. (18 if you count the second layer). Something tells me I'll enjoy putting down the new tile a lot more then tearing up the old. So, anyway I over did. So today I'm taking it easy. Not that I really have any choice. I'm pooped. However, it is what it is, so I'm just going to enjoy the couch time today. If I don't get back to the tile, I guess that just means I'll have to come back down next week! :0)

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