Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Who REALLY doesn't get "it"? Them...or us?

For all the bellyaching I do when I tell my husband he just "doesn't get it" ("it" being MS), I have to wonder if he get gets it more than I do. True I'm the one who goes through the shots, pills, cramps, "hugs", stumbles and falls, but he WATCHES. Knowing full well there isn't a damn thing he can do to help. Sure, he MIGHT be able to make things a bit better IF I let him and actually followed the instructions I've been given. Things like "Stay in the chair comes to mind".

I fight aand rail against the disease, often wasting precious energy doing so. While my husband stands back and watches me do it. Knowing full well I'll exhaust myself and pay for it with more cramps, less stamina and more fatique.

So which of us really "it". Those of us living through it or those who stand back and watch us suffer? Which would you rather be? Personally, I'd rather battle this disease any day of the week from my end than watch a loved on go through it.

Then again, I constantly pray for a cure, hoping we're the last generation of those who stumple and fall while our loved ones watch helplessly.


kmilyun said...

I think that my partner gets it but not in the same way.

I do not believe someone without MS can understand what it is like to have MS. Just as I really can not get how being on the other end is.

That said, since I do not know if I would have the emotional fortitude to watch my loved one go through this and all that goes with it I would choose to be the one with MS.

Our loved ones are the unsung hero's in this deal.


Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,
I agree with Jan, our partners are heros.
I too often feel that it is worse seeing it and being unable to do anything than going through it.

It is difficult for people not going through it to understand and it is difficult to explain it to others.

I still hope for a cure too.

Have a good Wednesday.