Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally Fall...

It looks like summer is finally over and Fall has arrived. Today's high was only 64. Hopefully, the cooler temps will mean my MS symptoms will ease up and I'll stop having the awefull bouts of muscle spascity I've been experiencing the past few days. To me, the pain of the muscle spascity has been the worst part. I can deal with anything else except pain.

With the exception of the spascity and fatigue, I've noticed some pretty good improvement with the rest of my MS symptoms since I got my machine recalibrated. My balance is better and I don't seem to be having as much trouble getting words out.

I had a conversation with my primary care physician (I have a great PCP. She actually called out of the blue to check on me and in the past she has actually made a few house calls. Almost impossible to find MD's that do that here anymore), she thinks that the fatigue may indicate an issue with my thyroid so this morning I went and had some labs drawn. That's all I need. Another health issue. UGH. I won't worry about it though.

I've decided to start venturing out of my cave and mingling with other human folk. So, I signed up to take a machine quilting class. It's a one day class and it's something I've wanted to learn how to do. I've been hand quilting for years, but with the vison change that my last exacerbation brought it's too bloody hard to see to thread a needle! With machines that thread themselves, all I have to do is keep the seam straight as I'm piecing it together to sew. Seems a lot easier. The class will reveal if it actually is. Who know's maybe I'll actually decide to take up sewing again.

All in all, things are going pretty well. I just hope the cooling trend in the weather stays put and summer is really over!

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Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,
Very happy to hear things are going well for you, long may it continue.
ps look forward to seeing pics of your quilts.