Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Friday

Yeah, Friday is here and the weekend is upon us. Time for relaxation and of course football! My favorite time of the year is fall when football season is here. I just wish the weather would start cooling down. I can't believe it's almost October and it's still in the upper 80's here.

I'm continuing to make small baby steps of progress everyday. My balance is better, so I'm able to get out of the chair at home and wander about on shakey legs using a cane. (I'm going to visit Tara's cane site. Mabe I can find something snazzy). My fatigue level is still high and stamina level low, so I'm in the chair if we're out and about. I'm using the machine every few hours so my down time between tretments tend to be busy. I try to squeeze as many tasks in those few hours as I can (getting my nails done, visiting friends etc.).

I'm looking forward to my Opthamologist and Neurology appointments next month. Tysabri is still on the table and my eyes definately changed after my exacerbation. As it's been almost 6 months, I think it's time for new glasses as it's not likely the sight I lost will be coming back. (Thank goodness for glasses).

Texas, once again, proved to be time and money well spent.

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