Monday, April 05, 2010

Saying Hello to Spring

Spring is a relative term in the mountains. It can mean day's with temps in the 80's and days (like today) with snow falling. As I sit in my living room and look out my front window I am reminded, and amazed, at the beauty of where I live. I really have the best of both worlds. I live in the tip of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. This means I live in a land of four full seasons, but none of them extreme.  Hop in the car and in an hour I can be in the City, go two and a half hours in the other direction and I can be at the beach.

I have a beautiful view of a mountain top from my front window. Right now it's snow capped and looks as if it's been dusted with powdered sugar. I have birds flying around my window seeking out one of the two bird feeders we have out front. A bit further I see the new blooms on our peach tree and the red tulip magnolia's blooming. Spring is finally here.

Accupuncture has been going relatively well I think. I get some relief from my back pain and am very relaxed following treatment. Pity it's only twice a week. I could get used to feeling that relaxed every day!

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