Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My big red bike...the community project..and my second childhood begins.

 MS has taken up such a large portion of my life, for so long, in such a negative way that my "well" was beginning to run dry. Heck, not beginning, WAS dry.

There have simply been so many things going on in my life the past two years. I discovered that I was simply stretched to thin and hadn't taken the time to make sure I kept my "well" filled. My second childhood began last month with the arrival of my fire engine red tricycle.  That tricycle has become know in my subdivision as the "community project". It arrived in a million pieces with very poor instructions. As neither my husband nor I are/were bicycle folks neither one of us knew the first thing about putting the silly thing together. However, with lot's of laughter, frustration and a few colorful words thrown in we got it together......sorta. We couldn't get the chain on or the brakes working. (I still have the scab on my knee from the brakes not working properly)!

One neighbor tried to help us get the chain on....he couldn't do it either. Father Wes dropped in and helped get the brakes working after yet another neighbor had tried unsuccessfully. The local lawn mover shop (we don't have a bicycle shop within an hour of us) got the chain on.  Yet another neighbor helped tighten everything. Finally, it was together. Whoohoooo.....I took it for a ride and the chain popped off around the block. So, yet another neighbor put the chain back on and adjusted the gears for me. See, community project.

However, more importantly that red tricycle has got me out and about. Something I've needed for awhile after being almost completely house bound for the past two years. The exercise is good for me. While I can only ride for short distances right now, due to my poor leg strength, I try to ride everyday. I hope that soon riding around the block will be the norm instead of the exception.

My tricycle makes a funny rubbing noise when I ride it, but that's O.K. I think it gives it character...of course I'm sure yet another neighbor will hear it and figure out how to fix it. All I need now is a tall flag to put on the back...and a baseball card clipped to the spokes.

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~Erin~ said...

And don't forget a basket attached to the front!

Glad you are enjoying it--have fun!