Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just who is Wendy Booker?

I've decided to add a few new components to my blogging. As with everything in life my blog is changing and evolving. I have been following a woman named Wendy Booker. Her name may sound familiar to you  if you receive the MS connections magazine. Wendy is the amazing woman who as I type, in in Nepal and arriving at her Mt. Everest base camp sometime today.

What makes Wendy so special (even though she herself doesn't consider herself to be so)? She has been climbing the highest mountains on each continent. Her goal? To be the first person with MS to climb all the seven summits. Mt. Everest is the last summit for her to climb in order to meet her goal. She expects to complete the 29,000 foot climb in May.  

I have been given the unique opportunity to be able to have a question and answer session with Wendy, and even a possible phone conversation!  I wanted to share this with all of you and encourage you to follows Wendy's journey at 

If you would like to ask Wendy any questions please let me know and I will incorporate them with mine. I will then post all the questions and answers here. I'm very excited about this project and am looking forward to your feedback!

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