Thursday, April 08, 2010

Adventures in Wonderland

Why do we find the need to pretend everything is "O.K."? I don't know about you but whenever anyone asks me how I'm doing my automatic response is either, "Fine" or "O.K.". Often when things are quite the opposite. Is it because we don't want to burden people? Appear like a whiner? Or perhaps because we think that if we say it enough it will be true?

Anyone who has MS knows that on any given day things are NOT O.K.  If the weather is changing our spascity kicks it up a dozen notches. If the weather is beautiful we do too much and then our stamina is gone for the next three days. Then there is the MS "Hug". I wish I could figure out what triggers that one. For me it's like a huge muscle spasm that wraps itself around my chest. I breathe trying to convince myself that I will NOT suffocate, while every breath hurts.

So what do we do. We take a pill or a shot for every symptom MS gives us. When they no longer work we simply change to a new "cocktail" of medication. Often the side effects of the medications are worse, in my experience, that the actual MS symptoms. So what's an MSer to do?

I try to keep a positive mindset. I try to get exercise. I try to socialize, and I try to focus on anything BUT my MS. I refuse to feel sorry for myself or give in to self pity.  However, I often feel like Alice in Wonderland and darned if I don't have a creepy Mad Hatter.

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Nat said...

Well done for keeping positive. I try to as well, but it is hard sometimes... especially when you don't know what your body is going to do next!