Thursday, July 24, 2008

Infusion day two.

Well, the steroids were successful in keeping me up all night. As I sit here infusing dose #2 I know that the chances of sleeping tonight and tomorrow are just as likely. Which means that Saturday will be my "crash and burn day". If insomnia are the only side effects I experience this round, I'll be thrilled.

So, I did more on line reading last night. Added to my suggested reading list on the blog and cooked. Made a pot of homemade split pea soup for Mark when he get back into town this evening. At least he wasn't home last night to be disturbed by my "puttering". Only Maggie and Valor had to put up with me. Although Valor is getting so old now (9) that after 11 p.m. he takes himself off to bed, no longer following me from room to room. Maggie however, being by nature as a cat nocturnal, loved following me everywhere all night. For her, that was a treat. Although even she gave up and I found her curled up on the top of her kitty condo about 4.

Thank goodness for our animals. They are such wonderful company and always seem to sense when things aren't "right". As a nurse I was excited to see the movement towards utilizing animals in the hospital and rehab settings as "therapy". Studies have shown that the mere act of petting an animal for just 3-5 minutes lowers blood pressure and releases endorphins. Both very positive things for maintaining a healthy balance. There are few things more soothing when I'm not feeling well and not fit for human company (especially during steroid therapy)than having Maggie on my lap and Valor at my feet. So, my advice.....get a pet! be it cat, dog, bird, fish or reptile! (Note I DIDN'T say SPIDER)!

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