Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In the beginning.....

Years ago, before my diagnosis, my kids would refer to my "phases". "Mom's going through her klutzy phase again". I'd go through cycles where my hands just wouldn't work. I dropped everything, tripped over my own feet. Broke more glasses and plates than you can imagine. Then, as mysteriously as it started, it would stop. Everything went back to normal. There was never any residual neurological problems. By the time I'd get in to see a Doctor, everything was fine again. I was just a klutz. The only real "problem" I had was that I was less able to tolerate heat. In my younger days I lived for the beach and sun bathing. I realized that I could not longer tolerate the heat. The hotter it was the "klutzier" I got. Heat seemed to suck all my energy out of me. So, I adapted. I avoided activities that took me outdoors when it was hot. Easy. No big deal. It was merely an inconvienience. Life went on.

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