Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another day in paradise.....

Woke today to a beautiful day in the SFV. Clear blue skies with a crispness in the are that reminds us that winter is still here. Today we head back up to the mountain. No snow up there, but the high is in the 30's. I've enjoyed the few days here. Did too much and pushed to hard as usual, so I'm tired. However, I think it's a good tired. My left leg is bothering me a bit, but nothing worth complaining about. I can't believe we are almost at the end of January already. I think time goes fast for me because it's based on Doctors appointments. One right after the other. I'm a bit peeved at my Neurologist right now. Seems he can't make a treatment decision without consulting with someone else. Which waists my time and money when I see him. An hour each way to see him, a 15.00 co-pay to be told he wants to consult with UCLA first. Before I go down for me next appointment I'm calling to see if he "consulted" with them and has determined a treatment plan. If he hasn't I'm not going back to see him unless he does.  I wonder why physicians don't seem to understand that our time is just as valuable as theirs is? Oh well, just another day in paradise.

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