Sunday, September 26, 2010


O.K. I know were not supposed to yell fire in a crowded room.....but my legs are on FIRE!! One of the worst MS symptoms I have is neuropathy. It makes my legs and often arms, feel like they are on fire. My skin become so sensitive that even the air blowing for the overhead fan hurts.  Nothing seem to help anymore. I usually am pretty successful at ignoring it, but it woke me up several times last night. My feeble attempts at ignoring it weren't successful to say the least.

I am still determined to make today a GOOD day in spite of the pain. Mind over matter, mind over matter is my mantra of the day.

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Jo said...

Kimberly, I've just found your blog, having been recently diagnosed with MS. Feeling like my skin's on fire is one of my least favourite symptoms (is it possible to have a favourite?). It makes me feel off the planet. I hope you're doing okay.