Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally Fall

About time I started blogging again. TIme has simply gotten away from me. Lately it seems like it's everything I can do to just keep up with life's frustrations. Social Security denied me yet again for benefits. Apparently I still have a brain so chronic pain and MS are not reasons to be disabled. Well then what the hell is? Oh and don't forget I'm deaf as well.

As I can no longer work a job on my feet. Heck, I'm lucky I can walk, looks like I have to figure out a way to start a second career. So, back to school I go. Which is going to be very challenging considering I can't hear, nor do I sign. Way to set up for success don't you think?

My MS has been a sleeping giant the past few months. Tossing and turning to let me know it's still there and can awaken at any time. My biggest problem has been the pain in my legs. That "FIRE" pain that screams out with every touch against my skin. I try to ignore it as much as possible. Medications don't seem to work anymore and I haven't found a way to find relief using any natural remedy.

I' still taking the Imuran which, I am convinced, is really what put my MS into sleep mode. I'm walking  with a cane. While I have to be very careful, I'm WALKING! No more chair which is an amazing blessing that this time last year I didn't think I'd be able to say again.

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