Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear God.......

Dear readers this is very different than the normal blogs I write. I hope I do not offend anyone and if I do.....I apologize.

Dear God,

As you know I received the notification that they denied my SS disability in the mail yesterday and the denial for CALPERS retirement 3 weeks ago. So where are You?  I have always managed to remain faithful and my beliefs strong. However, I feel You have left me alone in the world. A world that is spinning out of control. Again I ask, Where are You? I don't feel Your presence or Your love. I've had to hire an attorney for my retirement and now will have to do so for my ss. I have watched so many friends with MS struggle financially due to not being able to get help in a timely fashion. I paid into the system for 30 years and was denied being told , "Your arms still work". Where were You when that decision was made. I no longer believe that "The lord never gives you more than you can handle". Is there a lesson to be learned? Haven't I been through enough between the MS and the other afflictions You have allowed me to suffer? I have tried so hard to handle things with grace, but I can't any longer, I'm too angry. My question now is.....when is enough enough???


mbfont said...

Apply again as soon as you can. I had to apply several times and eventually was approved.

Good luck.

Webster said...
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~Erin~ said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Not sure if you were reading my blog when I was going through the same things. so here is my 2 cents.

First, what is CALPERS?

Next, apply for an appeal immediately!! Next, hire an attorney that deals only with SSD claims.
This is what happened with me. I hired an attorney and they immediately started filing paperwork with social security. They sent letters to all of my doctors and fot all the info about my medical history. Everytime I went to a doctors appointment I called my lawyer and they sent a request for the medical info and forwarded it to SSD. It is a LONG process.
Keep excellent records on meds, changes in meds, why meds were changed, dates of Dr appts, reasons for appts, etc. Give all that info to lawyers.
I also had my lawyers file a claim for dire need (we were going to lose our house). SSD says that after an appeal it can take up to 2 years to get a decision, and after about 8 months, I finally got it approved. Literally 3 days before we were to lose our home!!
You don't pay anything out of pocket for the attorny. They take payment out of SSD ONLY when it is approved. There is a limit to what they can take. I think it is 25% or 6000 max if I remember correctly.

You can do this! Don't lose faith! The SSD system fails those that need the help, but you will prevail.

Sorry this is so long, but feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. My email is erinandbrian@stny.rr.com