Thursday, August 25, 2011

Infusion Day One

Infusion's started. This time I'm only doing 3 days of infusions instead of 5. Thank goodness. I thought it had been longer since my last round of infusions, but found out today the last go around was in April Only 4 months ago :(

Thankfully, my home health nurse was able to get the IV in with only one stick. MUCH better than the 12 of last time. The infusion went well. Tastes terrible as always. Thank goodness for Jolly Ranchers hard candy. Help hide the taste.

Now I have the usual post infusion headache. Don't feel too jacked up. I know that feeling comes later. The steroid fog is already descending as well. I hate this stuff.


Herrad said...

hi kimberly,
i hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better...I had infusion too about 5 weeks ago. Three days 1Gram..had an inverse reaction. Relapse and dx with seizure disorder? Are you gonna make it to our new meetings here in town?

Kimberly said...

Frogs Mom: when, where and what time are the meetings?

Anonymous said...

The gal who started having them moved, so a friend/neighbor got with the MS Society up in Bakersfield and she is getting the ball rolling...first real meeting is the 10th, 4-6pm at the Moose Lodge...after that to be determined...hope to see you there ;0)!