Friday, February 25, 2011

Fire's Back

I take 12 pills a day (Not to mention my shot) to keep my MS symptoms at bay. We'll they aren't working. The neuropathy in my legs (FIRE) is back, my fatigue requires a daily nap and my hands aren't working right. In addition to joint pain (and of course the back pain that I battle on a daily basis due to an injury almost 3 years ago). I'll tell you, life with MS sure isn't for the weak or the faint of heart. The risk of falling flat on your face (literally) is always a possibility as the disease progresses. My wheelchair and walker have become my best friends. Thankfully my human friends have accepted my D.M.E friends and aren't intimidated by them. That makes a world of difference. I've read blogs where people have lost friends because their so called friends can't accept watching them go through the process of MS and using the equiptment. Thankfully, I haven't had that problem. My friends get me out of the house once a week minimum for lunch, dinner etc. They have become pro's at handling my wheelchair and walker.

SO while my symptoms are flaring up I choose to concentrate on the wonderful friends who make sure I am STILL able to have a life outside my home.

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Anonymous said...

HI I was reading your blog have you tried baclofen?? It has helped my legs sooo much and has really helped the most with the fire pain. My doctor gave me this pill and within a day I was amazed. I went from wanting to cut my legs off to wow I can touch them again and the big knots are gone. Hope this helps Michele