Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gilenya outrage...

As with other MS patients I have been eagerly awaiting the availability of Gilenya. I'm sure you've heard of the drug. The new ORAL MS medication approved by the FDA very recently and available this week in the US by prescription. I was very excited, as was my entire family to hear that the FDA finally approved Gilenya. In fact, my sister heard first and send me a text message about 40 minutes after the drug was approved. I was so excited that I picked up the phone and made an appointment with my Neurologist for October 20th to talk to him about it. I had visions of no more needles and Immuran dancing through my head.  

SCREECH went the brakes on that vision as soon as I read the Bloomberg report on the WHOLESALE price Novartis intends to charge for the drug. $4000.00 a month! Thats right..4 THOUSAND dollars PER MONTH. WHAT?!  Hey...I understand the concept of profit and how expensive research is as well as the next guy does, but honestly. $4000.00 per month for a ONCE A DAY pill?!?!?  Thats 133.33 PER PILL PER DAY..and that's the WHOLESALE cost. 

All I can say is SHAME ON YOU Novartis. You have successfully out priced your medication from the very people that need it. Do you REALLY think my HMO is going to authorize Gilenya when it can pay for both my injection AND Immuran for less than $1500.00 per month?? What about the folks that don't have insurance?? Like they can come up with $4000.00 a month WHOLESALE. SHAME ON YOU!!!


svrbrownsuga said...

O M Gosh, I am not good a swallowing pills so I knew I was not going to take Gilenya. As a person without insurance at the moment,I think it is absolutely rediculous for the pill to be $4k a month, Shame on them is correct

Starla Espinoza said...

Not only that but be sure to check up on the side effects. My neuro gave me a hand out and I posted some highlights about the side effects at